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Wild Beasts Aren't the Only Animals in New "Big Cat" Video

New MusicWeston PaganoComment

Wild Beasts reaffirm their position at the "top of the food chain" with the new video for second Boy King single and opening track, "Big Cat." Directed by Pablo Maestres and shot outside Barcelona, the "Get My Bang" follow-up shows the band on a curious car trip set most prominently to Hayden Thorpe's sultry vocals and a steady percussion backing, before concluding with a coyote standoff. Only when face to face, Wild Beast to wild beast, are you then treated to a brief glimpse of some sharp guitar fangs that leave you wanting more.

Thorpe explains,

If ‘Get My Bang’ was a song of the id then ‘Big Cat’ is the ego. It marked a breakthrough in the writing process for the album, defining the swagger and attitude that would come to shape ‘Boy King.’ He is all powerful, but at what price?

"Big Cat" is indeed an apt metaphor for a band named as they are, and their already well-exhibited seductive tendencies seem positively set to prowl on this forthcoming LP. "It takes a lot of love, baby / To love a big cat / Are you okay with that?" Thorpe coos. Such dominance isn't for everyone, but Wild Beasts suavely continue to assume the role with natural, irresistible ease.

Boy King is due out August 5 via Domino.