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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Enter 'The Fairy House' with Indigo Daze’s Debut EP

New Music, Exclusive PremiereWeston PaganoComment

Not to be confused with Purple Haze, which is both a cannabis strain and a Jimi Hendrix song inspired by a dream in which he walked under the sea, Indigo Daze is a similarly colorful project self-described as “kitchen pop” (the best kind of K-Pop?). Transverso is proud to exclusively premiere their debut EP, The Fairy House.

The shoebox art project cover image is appropriate, as Indigo Daze is self-released by students who, after meeting in grade school in the Chicago suburbs, are now scattered across the country: Jack Maiolo in Boston (Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting, Production), Connor Teske in Nashville (Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting, Production), Rafa Swerdlin in Brooklyn (Vocals, Songwriting), Austin McGreevy in Miami (Vocals, Songwriting), and Will Johnson in Lansing, Michigan (Vocals). The Fairy House was written in just two weeks and recorded in Teske’s parents’ basement over summer break.

With Maiolo and Teske enrolled in Berklee College of Music and Belmont University, respectively, the playful Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared aesthetic and ironic detachment do little to belie a seriousness for the craft that comes with such trained musicians. With no true frontman, songwriting and vocal duties are split almost evenly, culminating in a diverse yet cohesive collection of tunes spanning from psychedelia to elements of chill/vaporwave and R&B.

“Turquoise Yawn,” the glittering lead single and first track ever released by the band, first peeks over the horizon, driven by the obscured incantation of a chorus swirling just out of reach. With lush hints of Tame Impala and the entrancing synthetic creep of Yeasayer, the EP goes on to maturely flesh out a sound that nods to indie canon through the smoke while still carving out a unique voice of its own.

Its supremely listenable softened edges and non sequiturs feel neither vapid nor self-serious, comfortably occupying a dreamy yet stimulating trajectory held together by steady drum machine locomotion. “Life’s one strange game / Surprises arise / It’s never mundane” it offers, matter-of-factly.

When the haze eventually lifts after just under 20 minutes, you’re left wondering just how long you’ve been suspended in The Fairy House. With the end of the final track wrapping nearly perfectly into the start of the first, you never really have to leave at all.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: All Of The Lights Announce Self-Titled Debut, Drop Soaring First Single, "Fading"

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All of the Lights Fading Transverso Premiere.jpeg

London-based pop outfit All Of The Lights have finally announced themselves with debut track, “Fading,” the lead single from a forthcoming self-titled EP three years in the making.

With members hailing from the UK, Sweden, and Estonia, the group combined to self-produce, mix, and master all of All Of The Lights, allowing for complete creative control. “Fading” layers a hopeful synth melody over an atmospheric soar, guided by a lyrical reconciliation between regret and acceptance. “Why waste our time / Running for our lives?” vocalist Raven Alexander asks. With “Fading,” we’re given more than enough reason to pause for something more.

Alexander explains,

It’s about acknowledging the darkness in yourself through a never-ending battle in your mind, and a false sense of victory over your emotions, while actually coming to terms with what you are and accepting it to be able to move on. ‘We’re fading’ refers to the duality of the protagonist. The two verses are a conversation between the negative and positive sides and the chorus is an agreement between them.

Transverso is proud to premiere the music video for All Of The Lights' debut single, "Fading." Watch and listen below.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Norway's Martinus Shares Jangly Love Story on New 'Holly' EP

Exclusive Premiere, New MusicWeston PaganoComment

Martinus, the Stavanger-bred, Leeds-based project fronted by its Norwegian namesake Martinus Bjerga, has self-released a second EP titled Holly, and Transverso is proud to premiere it here.

Holly's jangly, nimble guitar can easily evoke Mac DeMarco comparisons, though Martinus' softer side is also reminiscent of Norwegian compatriots Kings of Convenience. Sweetly melodic but with a capable rock punch, the four tracks delightfully combine some sunlit hooks and subtle vocal harmonies with odds and ends like a vintage cigarette ad sample.

Bjerga explains,

I try to write approachable indie pop - the kinda music you can put on in your backyard with your friends. Chill and easy to like, but with catchy melodies that sneak their way into your brain. The EP we just released, ‘Holly,’ is essentially about this girl. It’s a love story. But isn’t all music?

I think the greatest thing about this EP is that I found this tiny 4 watt Vox amplifier from the ‘70s that sound so rad. The recording process was so much fun. It’s partly recorded in Norway in three different locations, and the rest we did in Leeds after I moved to the UK. In other words, I have tons of friends on this record, all doing their part. It’s been a ride.

You can buy Holly digitally here, on tape cassette if you're lucky enough to catch the band in person, or stream below.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: TÂNZI Create "Imaginary Sounds" on Debut Single

Exclusive Premiere, New MusicWeston PaganoComment

Feeling restrained by the traditional rock band setup, Los Angeles natives Hypnotic Hyena (Samuel Duffey) and Chris Jaxon (Chris Jackson) joined forces to start a project where they have total control. Named after Jaxon’s sister’s first name and his mother’s maiden name, TÂNZI has become a pop rock duo with heavy electronic influence, and Transverso is proud to debut their first single, "Imaginary Sounds."

A steadily marching dance beat transforms into some sunny guitar work as the track opens with, "My love for you is driving on the freeway," a fitting metaphor for what undoubtedly makes a great summer driving song. Complete with an informational voice sample appropriately reminiscent of the secretary at the end of Pink Floyd's "Young Lust," "Imaginary Sounds" tells the story of an unsuccessful sexual encounter.

Jaxon tells Transverso, "'Imaginary Sounds' symbolizes our first step as true pop artists. It's the first thing we have written that we believe can be played on the radio, and that is something we are really proud of."

Check out "Imaginary Sounds below," and catch TÂNZI at LOVEFEST this August 5-7.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Strange Heights Set out For "Home" in Second Single

Exclusive Premiere, New MusicWeston PaganoComment

Following debut single "Believe Me," Chicago-based newcomers Strange Heights are revealing the second track from their forthcoming self-titled EP, "Home" through Transverso Media.

Soft strings and xylophone plinks beckon you in, swirling around gentle vocal harmonies grappling lyrically with setting out against adversity and, ultimately, finding home. Flirting with the boundaries between folk and rock, Strange Heights fit the puzzle of their six-piece together to uplifting results.

Keyboardist and backing vocalist Nic Ten Grotenhuis tells Transverso, "'Home' is about perseverance in the face of resistance and about how passionate we are about music."

Formed last September, Strange Heights finished recording a four song EP just two months later, with Strange Heights due out May 15.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Victor Perry Guides Us to New Sounds On "Lighthouse"

Exclusive Premiere, New MusicJordan OvertonComment

The grounds of Atlanta's Morehouse College are full of musicians; to rap or sing R&B is the living and breathing culture that dwells within the gates of this institution, but hearing an artist that stands out with a rhythm different from the rest can be rare. 

Victor Perry, an emerging artist with a vocal range that surpasses that of many of his peers, is one such voice. His second single “Lighthouse,” a pop ballad, shows exactly what kind of artist he is: one without limits and always looking for a different sound. He paints an eloquent picture of what it means to have a relationship in turmoil, and what it’s like to feel the struggle of finding the path to stability, trust, and loyalty as he declares, “I’ll steer her to grace.”

Perry uses mid-tempo snare beats and a soothing piano and guitar intertwinement to supplement his image of a man desperately treading above the waves in a futile attempt to save a love, telling Transverso, “It’s not always about calling out their mistakes, it’s about being there to support them.”

With an EP titled 4 A.M. Nostalgia slated for release in the near future, "Lighthouse" is just a beacon of what's still to come. Stream it below, and buy it here.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Explore the Dark Side of Veneto in Zebra's "Blanco" Video

Exclusive Premiere, New MusicWeston PaganoComment

Venice-based trio Zebra have premiered a beautiful new music video to accompany "Blanco," the single from their debut EP Homo Habilis released late last year.

Opening with a steady firecracker of driving percussion the track then layers on some gentle harmonizations before delving into crunching guitar jabs as the lens flares over an odd dream sequence of events shot across Italy's Veneto region. Flirting with some math rock and grunge elements, Zebra prove sometimes the most dynamic developments in independent music don't always come from the most predictable of places.

The video itself, directed by Italian cinematographer Andrea Calvetti, was shot entirely on 16mm film with only available light and two neon bars. Combining a series of seemingly disjointed experiences from a lonely fairground jaunt to an eerie cave with strange inhabitants, the visuals form a captivating story companion to frontman Luca Zambelli's longing to "Turn this gray into gold."

Zambelli told Transverso,

The video portrays our character as artists, emptied from creativity and lost in a world where time has no dimensionality, a world of passion and art, but also futility and melancholy.

Check it out below.

You can buy Homo Habilis here.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Austinn Is Calling On "Answer Your Phone"

New Music, Exclusive PremiereTransverso MediaComment

“Answer Your Phone” is Luxembourg pop-rock two piece Austinn’s newest single, following their debut track "Galaxy," produced by Matt Squire (One Direction, All Time Low, Ariana Grande) and directed by Cedric Letsch.

The duo of Jameses, Jimmy Braun and Jim Scheck, explained the backstory behind their curious name to Transverso, saying,

Jimmy bought a leather jacket on Ebay and it came [all the way to Luxembourg] from Austin, Texas. The guy who sold the jacket wrote his address on the package as well, [but] he wrote Austin with two nn’s, [which] makes Austinn. Nobody knows how you can make such a mistake in spelling Austin, but Jimmy had a laugh while reading it and thought it looked pretty cool.

This shiny new music video, reminiscent of The Virgins at their poppiest, comes hot off the heels of multiple sold out European tours and gives a modern take on the classic drama recounted by Blondie back in the day: getting left Hanging On the Telephone. Check it out below:

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Stream Cole Hamilton's Debut EP 'Afraid To Be Alone'

Exclusive Premiere, New Music, Music NewsEllen WilsonComment

It’s hard to believe rising Tulane University sophomore Cole Hamilton didn’t begin writing music until his first year of college. It’s not that that’s too late in life, it’s just surprising considering the amount and quality of work he has already completed in such a short time when most of us were still trying to figure out which building our classes were in.

“I spent the whole year writing music and ended up with 20-plus songs,” Hamilton told us.  “From those 20 I took my favorite four and made the [Afraid To Be Alone] EP.” 

Hamilton recorded these tracks after returning to his hometown of Northbrook, IL where he reunited with high school friends Chris Neuhaus (drums), Paul Tisch (bass), Gracie Sands (guitar), Peter Roberson (trombone), Danny Neuson (trumpet), and Joseph Lee (saxophone) and worked with producer Craig Williams at Dr. Caw studios.

Afraid To Be Alone begins with catchy Two Door Cinema Club-inspired pop-rock tracks “(Just Between) Everyone You Know and Me” and "Louisiana" before descending into darker vocals evoking an Arctic Monkeys-esque swagger in “Crystal.” The EP ends with “Stay/Go,” a track adorned with a heavy horn section and an earnestness that will leave you wishing Hamilton would indeed stay instead of go. 

Afraid To Be Alone is out now and available on Spotify, which you can listen to below.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Download Fallow Land's First Single, "Are All My Bad Decisions Rock And Roll?"

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Ann Arbor, Michigan based indie outfit Fallow Land have finally released their first single today, and though it's titled "Are All My Bad Decisions Rock And Roll?" there's nothing bad about it.

With lyrics like "Slurred speech in a parking lot / Regurgitate words that don't mean a lot / But for now they're the best that I've got" it's one of the most self-aware pop songs in recent memory, but by mixing a touch of grunge with the remnants of frontman Whit Fineberg's jazz band schooling, it becomes much more. Mixed by Jonathan Visger (Absofacto, Hollow & Akimbo) and reminiscent of an early-2000s OK Go, Fallow Land takes a Heyrocco-esque playfulness but grounds it in maturity. 

As a non-album single, "Are All My Bad Decisions Rock And Roll?" is not necessarily a sign of things to come, though. 

"We were trying to put something out there that was hella poppy before recording the really weird EP that we are working on," Fineberg told Transverso, hinting at more experimentation in future releases.

In the meantime we can reflect on the fact that one of the best tracks so far this summer will start sing-alongs of "It reminds me that we're all doomed to die." Download the track and check out the tour dates below.

Tour Dates:

7/1 - Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary 
7/3 - Ann Arbor, MI @ The Vail House
7/4 - Mt Pleasant, MI @ The 906
7/5 - Toronto, Ontario @ The Cavern
7/6 - Grand Rapids, MI @ The DAAC
7/7 - Muncie, IN @ Be here Now
7/8 - Chicago, IL @ The Abbey Pub
7/11 - Dekalb IL @ The Seventh Street