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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: All Of The Lights Announce Self-Titled Debut, Drop Soaring First Single, "Fading"

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All of the Lights Fading Transverso Premiere.jpeg

London-based pop outfit All Of The Lights have finally announced themselves with debut track, “Fading,” the lead single from a forthcoming self-titled EP three years in the making.

With members hailing from the UK, Sweden, and Estonia, the group combined to self-produce, mix, and master all of All Of The Lights, allowing for complete creative control. “Fading” layers a hopeful synth melody over an atmospheric soar, guided by a lyrical reconciliation between regret and acceptance. “Why waste our time / Running for our lives?” vocalist Raven Alexander asks. With “Fading,” we’re given more than enough reason to pause for something more.

Alexander explains,

It’s about acknowledging the darkness in yourself through a never-ending battle in your mind, and a false sense of victory over your emotions, while actually coming to terms with what you are and accepting it to be able to move on. ‘We’re fading’ refers to the duality of the protagonist. The two verses are a conversation between the negative and positive sides and the chorus is an agreement between them.

Transverso is proud to premiere the music video for All Of The Lights' debut single, "Fading." Watch and listen below.

The Shins Return at Their Most Playful and Spooky on New Music Video "Dead Alive"

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It turns out The Shins are still alive after all... or sort of. While we may not be getting LP5 until some time next year after the release date was pushed back to secure a more favorable position on Coachella's lineup, Columbia Records threw fans a bone today with "Dead Alive," a new music video fronted by a skeleton James Mercer and some classic dream sequence trickery.

Appropriately spooky for the Halloween season, it's their first release since 2014's contribution to Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here, "So Now What," and signals a proper followup to 2012's Port of Morrow. There's some white in Mercer's beard now (!) but the indie mainstays still exude a youthful energy (and wear checkerboard vans) on the new single as they play around with various illusory effects and horror film tropes set to wistful melodies and glowing vocals.

Beach House's New Video For "The Traveller" Is a Lovely Psychedelic Dream Journey

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We still haven't fully come down from seeing Beach House at Pitchfork two weekends ago, and now Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have surprised us with a new music video for Thank Your Lucky Stars track, "The Traveller."

A standout from a virtually flawless album, "The Traveller" shines in the Jennifer Juniper Stratford-directed visual that seems to reveal the journey taken is through time and space itself. Shot and processed on intentionally obsolete equipment, the striking images of a lady in red ebb and flow in a gorgeously distorted way truly befitting of Beach House's sound, while adding an '80s psychedelic edge to the dreaminess.

Watch below, and read our review of Thank Your Lucky Stars.

Wild Beasts Aren't the Only Animals in New "Big Cat" Video

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Wild Beasts reaffirm their position at the "top of the food chain" with the new video for second Boy King single and opening track, "Big Cat." Directed by Pablo Maestres and shot outside Barcelona, the "Get My Bang" follow-up shows the band on a curious car trip set most prominently to Hayden Thorpe's sultry vocals and a steady percussion backing, before concluding with a coyote standoff. Only when face to face, Wild Beast to wild beast, are you then treated to a brief glimpse of some sharp guitar fangs that leave you wanting more.

Thorpe explains,

If ‘Get My Bang’ was a song of the id then ‘Big Cat’ is the ego. It marked a breakthrough in the writing process for the album, defining the swagger and attitude that would come to shape ‘Boy King.’ He is all powerful, but at what price?

"Big Cat" is indeed an apt metaphor for a band named as they are, and their already well-exhibited seductive tendencies seem positively set to prowl on this forthcoming LP. "It takes a lot of love, baby / To love a big cat / Are you okay with that?" Thorpe coos. Such dominance isn't for everyone, but Wild Beasts suavely continue to assume the role with natural, irresistible ease.

Boy King is due out August 5 via Domino.

Watch Radiohead's "Burn the Witch" Music Video, Their First Release in Five Years

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Following their much discussed social media cleanse, Radiohead have finally released their first new content in nearly five years with music video, "Burn the Witch." The lead single builds upon pulsating strings, a croaking low-register vibration with drum kits, a light violin melody, and Thom Yorke's airy vocals.

The claymation visual depicts a town being investigated by an inspector who is eventually trapped in a giant wooden statue and burned alive, evoking images from The Wicker Man. While the song's visuals offer a grotesque illustration of cynicism, collusion, and cultural disdain, the song's balance of orchestral levity and weight, along with the chimes of its spattering violins and Yorke's soaring falsetto, make it awe-strikingly beautiful. Paired with lyrics dealing with a society oppressed by a superstitious culture, the song provides an accessible entry into an uncomfortable conversation on political scapegoating.

"Burn the Witch" has been a longtime project for Radiohead; renditions of the song appeared in the band's 2006 and 2008 touring campaigns and its earliest form has been dated to the Kid A era.

Watch Cage the Elephant Get Into "Trouble" in New Music Video

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Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.36.54 AM.png

Cage the Elephant's Tell Me I'm Pretty single "Trouble" now has a flashy new video, complete with a wild west duel, a lot of baroque royalty fanning themselves, and some of the best costumes the Kentuckians have been seen in yet. It's a little difficult to grasp just exactly what is happening through all the dramatic jump cuts, but it looks good. Frontman Matt Schultz earned his directorial debut in the process, describing it as something like “John Wayne... in a [Jean] Cocteau play.”

It's also not the first time they've performed in this sort of setting; this video brings back memories of the band ambling through the desert to the tune of "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" during their humble beginnings, though it's clear they've evolved quite a bit in the interim (just look at the change in production value!). It's appropriate, then, that the deceptively sunny sounding "Trouble" gives a lyrical nod to the track, alluding, "You know what they say, yeah / The wicked get no rest." Whoever it is who shot the bearded guy does look rather rattled.

The video comes at the dawn of an extensive summer tour, which you can find below the embed.

Read our review of Tell Me I'm Pretty here.

Lewis Del Mar's New "Loud(y)" Music Video Has Them Rocking Rockaway

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Instantly hard-hitting duo Lewis Del Mar have released a music video for their Hype Machine-propelled opening single "Loud(y)," in which they're aptly causing trouble across Rockaway Beach, NY's streets and house show circuit.

The dynamic, lo-fi track off their debut EP released via Columbia in January thrusts with a frenetic drum beat under commanding Cage the Elephant-esque vibes - from "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" acoustic stabs to a "Teeth" style spoken-word rant - and spills them out into Mac DeMarco's neighborhood to delightfully disastrous results.

"Can you please turn yourself down?" vocalist Danny Miller asks. It doesn't seem like Lewis Del Mar will be heeding their own advice anytime soon.