- A culture magazine reaching terminal verbosity -

Transverso Media is an online culture magazine.

Transverso was born across two cities - Athens, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois - both of which act as inspiration and home base for a site that starts in the local record stores and venues but beams out across the world wide web.

Transverso is that guy or girl in the front row, the one who preordered the album on vinyl, the one who made you listen to it until you liked it too.

Transverso is the one who got their start in a college radio graveyard shift, the one who only stops just short of overkill by not wearing the band shirt to the show.

Transverso means "mix" in Latin, and though making someone a mix seems almost as ancient as that dead language, we believe in preserving the tradition, even if it has evolved to take the form of streaming playlists you see on a screen.

Transverso is new, but it's been a long time coming, cultivated in years of dedication.

Transverso is reaching terminal verbosity, but it isn't quite there yet.