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Hear Peter Bjorn and John Reach "Breakin' Point" on New Single

New MusicWeston PaganoComment

It may feel hard to believe it was a full 10 years ago now that "Young Folks" whistled Peter Bjorn and John into our ears and hearts, especially with how similarly the new title track from the band's forthcoming LP Breakin' Point starts out.

Originally debuted on NPR in a broadcast from as far back as last July, the single joins "Do Si Do" and "What You Talking About?" as our first glimpses of PB&J's comeback record slated for release on 6/10 via the trio's own label, INGRID. Still thumbs-upping since 2011's Gimme Some, the cheerful Swedes add an impassioned chorus and gently raining piano to the whistles, explaining to Stereogum:

It’s about waiting for new things coming ahead that will leave the past in the dust or at least make it look very different. About mental and physical adjustment. About kids becoming parents and maybe about growing up. About perspective, balance and seeing things for what they might actually be and not blown up to grotesque proportions. It features great production from Emile Haynie and whistling (may seem like bigger news than it is, hey its only whistling) and its the title track from our new album and we’re very proud of it!