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Mister Heavenly Returns with New LP and Tour, Listen to First Single "Beat Down"

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6 long years after their "doom-wop" debut, supergroup Mister Heavenly has reared its three heads once again. Consisting of Honus Honus (Man Man), Nick Diamonds (The Unicorns, Islands), Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, The Shins, Cold War Kids, Coromandelles), and at one point even Michael Cera as a touring member, the group has announced a forthcoming follow-up, Boxing the Moonlight, due out October 6 via Polyvinyl.

Lead single "Beat Down" explores the breaking point of restlessness conflicting with self-preservation as Diamond and Honus trade verses over a jaunty tune set to the crackling VHS of a classic bar brawl.

“I don’t know if it’s cliché or not these days to have an L.A. record, but this feels like an L.A. record,” Plummer explains in the press release. Coming off a Cold War Kids album cycle for L.A. Divine and after assisting with Honus' "apocalyptic L.A. pop” solo record last year, the SoCal identity seems more embedded in their sound than ever.

Check out the official lyrics video for "Beat Down" below, as well as dates for their North American tour and Boxing the Moonlight's album art and tracklist. You can also read our interview with Honus of Mister Heavenly here.

Boxing the Moonlight:

  1. Beat Down
  2. Blue Lines
  3. Makin’ Excuses
  4. Hammer Drop
  5. George’s Garden
  6. No Floor
  7. Magic Is Gone
  8. Pink Cloud Compression
  9. Crazy Love, Vol. III
  10. Dead Duck
  11. Out Of Time

Grizzly Bear Detail New LP 'Painted Ruins,' Release "Mourning Sound" Single, Tour Dates

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"I made a mistake / I should have never tried," opens Ed Droste on Grizzly Bear's "Mourning Sound." Accompanied by the announcement of an extensive tour and their fifth full-length album, Painted Ruins, for which this new track is the second single after "Three Rings," that lamentation is oddly juxtaposed with long-awaited excitement.

"Mourning Sound" is a rollicking exploration of each member's contribution to the whole; Christopher Bear and Chris Taylor's drum and bass steadily guide Droste's croons before Daniel Rossen brings it home with the chorus and some trumpeted electric guitar, all over a steady buzz of synth for a very on-brand level of cohesive complexity.

Their major label debut, Grizzly Bear's Painted Ruins is due out August 18 via RCA Records. Their forthcoming tour kicks off this October, for what will be the band's first shows since performing in support of Bernie Sanders last year. The lack of a Chicago date suggests a future festival appearance.

"Mourning Sound," the album art, tracklist, and tour dates are all below. Enjoy it all while you can, because if the new press photo is any indication, poor Dan seems to be fading off into space at an alarming rate. Either that or the printer started running out of ink.

Painted Ruins

  1. Wasted Acres
  2. Mourning Sound
  3. Four Cypresses
  4. Three Rings
  5. Losing All Sense
  6. Aquarian
  7. Cut-Out
  8. Glass Hillside
  9. Neighbors
  10. Systole
  11. Sky Took Hold

Future Islands Return to the Present, Announce New LP 'The Far Field,' Drop First Single "Ran," Tour

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Future Islands just got a little closer to the present. The Baltimore-based band has announced The Far Field, their fifth full length, which is due out April 7 via 4AD.

The good news comes along with a taste of what's to come, with lead single "Ran" offering every bit of kinetic energy the name implies. Rolling bass, starry synths, and Samuel Herring's gorgeous growling croons combine in that perfect formula the three-piece has rightfully propelled to indie myth status in recent years.

The record features live drums from touring percussionist Michael Lowry for the first time, production from John Congleton (David Byrne, St. Vincent, Wild Beasts), and the surprise addition of vocals from Blondie's Debbie Harry on "Shadows." It's also revealed that Future Islands play-tested the album at a series of secret shows under fake names over the last year, which is sure to make you regret every time you turned down a night out in 2016 because you didn't know enough of the lineup (and also goes to show that even during the rare moments Future Islands aren't on tour they are, in fact, still on tour).

Curiously, in addition to the normal formats, the record is also available as a "mini-LP," which is apparently a "replica of an actual LP [that] does not actually play" (but does come with a download code). Listen to "Ran" and see the cover art, tracklist, and tour dates below.

The Far Field

1. Aladdin
2. Time On Her Side
3. Ran
4. Beauty Of The Road
5. Cave
6. Through The Roses
7. North Star
8. Ancient Water
9. Candles
10. Day Glow Fire
11. Shadows
12. Black Rose

Mac DeMarco Announces New Album 'This Old Dog,' Tour, and Releases First Two Singles

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Mac is back! Adding to the staggering list of beloved artists returning in 2017, DeMarco and his band will be releasing a new LP titled This Old Dog, due out May 5 via Captured Tracks, and embarking on an international tour lasting at least from March through November.

The gap-tooth goon has always been a gracious giver, and DeMarco has blessed us with not one but TWO singles from his forthcoming record including the title track and "My Old Man." They may be short and sweet, but it seems ol' Mac is already feeling the weight of time; The lovely and lazy tunes delve into staying true to a lover forever and the coming-of-age realization that one has begun to increasingly resemble their own father, respectively.

So click play, revel in the digital ripples on the curious videos below, and check out the This Old Dog's cover art and tour dates underneath that.

Starfucker Drops Single "Never Ever" Ahead of New Tour, Hints to Transverso About New Record

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To kick off their impending tour with Com Truise and Fake Drugs, Starfucker have released a single title "Never Ever."

Bursting with their signature danceability and the repeated question "What would I lie for," the Portland group are as upfront as ever. Hopefully this is a sign of new music to come soon, as it's now been almost exactly three years since their last LP, pop masterpiece Miracle Mile, hit shelves.

EDIT: Starfucker have hinted to Transverso that this may be the first of more to come after all:

Check out the track and tour dates below.