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Listen to Tennis' Third 'Yours Conditionally' Single, "Modern Woman"

New MusicWeston PaganoComment

Don't let the '70s aesthetic and affinity for boats that still use sails fool you, Tennis' Alaina Moore is a modern woman. In their newest song, the third single and penultimate track from the band's forthcoming fourth LP Yours Conditionally, Moore and her partner Patrick Riley combine shimmering guitar with angelic vocals for a delicate sort of power that seems to capture it perfectly.

Lyrically, "Modern Woman" is addressed to a woman called Kate as the speaker reaches out to repair a damaged relationship. When the offer sounds this lovely it's hard to deny.

Yours Conditionally is due out March 10 and is slated to be the first release from Tennis' own newly formed label, Mutually Detrimental. Listen and check their tour dates below.