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You Should Download the Surprise Mixtape Toro Y Moi Dropped Today

Music News, New MusicWeston PaganoComment

Just a few short months after Chaz Bundick released his last LP What For? in April, the prolific chillwaver better known as Toro Y Moi has surprise-dropped a new mixtape titled Samantha today via a dropbox link in his Instagram.

The 20-track album features collaborations with Rome Fortune, Kool A.D., Nosaj Thing, and fellow South Carolina native, Washed Out, as well as a photo gallery available for download as well.


  1. Power of Now
  2. 2 Late [ft. Kool A.D. and SAFE]
  3. Driving Day
  4. Good Song
  5. Pitch Black [ft. Rome Fortune]
  6. Us 2
  7. That Night [ft. Kool A.D. and SAFE]
  8. Stoned at the MoMA
  9. Room for 1zone
  10. Want [ft. Washed Out]
  11. ambient Rainbow
  12. Benjiminz [ft. Rome Fortune]
  13. Boo Boo Mobile
  14. bytheneck
  15. Real Love [ft. Kool A.D.]
  16. Enough of You [ft. Nosaj Thing]
  17. The Usual
  18. Prayer Hands
  19. Holy Nights [ft. SHORE]
  20. welp, tour's over