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The Top 30 Records of 2015

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3. Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars

Thank Your Lucky Stars acts as both an extension of and pivot point for Beach House’s career as a whole. Many may want the band to actively change in a progressive way, but the band chooses to continually broaden their sound in the most familiar and microscopic ways possible instead. Perhaps one of the best integration of all five preceding albums, you hear the metronome, drums are crisper, individual instruments are audible, and Victoria Legrand’s lyrics are unexpectedly discernible at certain points. It's what works for them, and its afforded Beach House the ability to carve out a dream-pop legacy (and avoid becoming a caricature) on their own terms.


2. Majical Cloudz - Are You Alone?

Are You Alone? takes off where the Montreal duo’s preceding Impersonator left off; a paradox of bare-bones, minimalist soundscapes ebbing with lush depth that are somehow simultaneously tranquilizing and uplifting. Welsh’s immaculately vulnerable monologues and unflinching vocals are gently bold, and they drive their synth lullabies forward with severe care. It's Welsh at his most overbearing, and yet his tight grip is irresistible. Calculatedly organic, passionately controlled, it’s a journal reading in a dream.



1. Tame Impala - Currents

Currents is the most adventurous, interesting, and well-produced collection of songs Kevin Parker has created thus far, sitting atop Tame Impala's discography as the most mature and painstakingly crafted iteration in their twisted psych-pop world. From the lush synth tracks that bubble through the mix to his effortless, washed out vocals, every sound is rendered with the utmost care. Currents proves Parker is unable to stick with a certain sound, forever looking for new ways to evolve his ideas and push his project beyond what was expected when Innerspeaker first hit the shelves.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "Can't Keep Checking My Phone" Video Is a Rabbit-Hole of Phenomena

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra's third album, Multi-Love, is already a standout record this year, and now we have a new music video for its second single, "Can't Keep Checking My Phone," that is sure to be on the year-end lists as well.

A menagerie of unusual afflictions and other peculiar phenomena from Stendhal syndrome to divine intervention, the 4:21 runtime is chock-full of incredibly stimulating imagery with captions inspired by the style of trading card games like Mars Attacks. Directed by Dimitri Basil and Cooper Roussel (with art direction by Laura Gorun and Dominique Basil), it's just the type of thing you would hope to stumble upon in "an internet rabbit-hole researching at four in the morning," as described in UMO's Facebook post.

Put down your phone and click play on this (slightly NSFW) adventure below.