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St. Vincent Survives Stage Accident, Proves Immortality

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Photo by  Kara Smarsh

Photo by Kara Smarsh

Annie Clark, the goddess better known as St. Vincent, has done a lot lately: released a self-titled #1 album, won a Grammy, and fronted Nirvana at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Now, it seems, she has also defied death itself.

During her show at Tennessee Theater in Knoxville last night Clark apparently climbed onto a 300 lbs speaker, causing it to fall and strike both her and one of the venue's security personnel who then managed to rescue the performer.

She tweeted this after the incident:

Amazingly, some fans happened to break St. Vincent's no photography policy at just the right moment and caught the near death experience on camera:

Before... (Photo by  Eric Budzielek )

Before... (Photo by Eric Budzielek)

...and after. (Photo by  Chris Hill )

...and after. (Photo by Chris Hill)

According to another fan it seems Clark thankfully recovered in style:

UPDATE: A video of the incident has surfaced and St. Vincent has posted an image of the aftermath as well:

@st_vincent falling off a speaker last night

A video posted by @vargasm01 on

You can catch St. Vincent at one of her remaining tour dates, which you can find here.