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you're not real

Gláss Stays Darkly Translucent on Second 'Accent' Single "You're Not Real"

New MusicSebastian MarquezComment

Following lead single "Glass(-accent)", post-punk upstarts Gláss have allowed a second track titled "You’re Not Real" to ascend from the murky depths of their upcoming full length album, Accent.

Immediately apparent from the beginning of "You're Not Real" is a certain sense that something, however undefined, is coming. Like a sunset seen through the thickest smog, or a pulse of light coming from the remnants of a dead star, a certain sense of hopelessness and disquietude oozes from every part of the song, from the way the crystalline yet dissonant guitars dig into themselves, the sprightly yet lumbering drums, and the cold, disaffected vocal delivery repeat “you’re not real in any way”.

The ghost of Joy Division hangs heavy here, but Gláss manage to, in spite of everything, instill a certain youthful vigor into their songs and a certain mischievousness in the face of bleak despair. If Gláss has anything to prove, they’re doing a hell of a job.