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Spend Some Time on Dear Blanca's 'I Don't Mean to Dwell'

Music ReviewOwen HuntComment

Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Dear Blanca is of a much different yolk than Post-Echo labelmates Gláss and Art Contest; on their new EP I Don’t Mean To Dwell, the trio swings through barreling passages that are at once steady and coherent bursts of energy very reminiscent of Springsteen yet still in its own way.  

Dylan Dickerson's raspy and emotive vocals are both sardonic and somber in character, which makes for a good dichotomy considering the range of dynamics on the album.  Songs like “Joint Effort” have lines as funny as “Look at me I’m demanding your attention,” but at the same time there is a sense of deep sadness and existential crisis. On “Temporary Solution,” the vocals take on a slightly less jagged quality, but still resound with a deep sense of longing.

Dear Blanca's sound is deeply tied to classic rock, but does so much on its own terms. I Don't Mean to Dwell brings a fervent energy to this somewhat overwrought style as they manage to make it their own with what seems to be surprising ease and finesse, putting forward yet another solid release of their own blissfully potent brand of rock.