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Watch Grizzly Bear Reunite to Play a Bernie Sanders Rally in Brooklyn

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After bringing Vampire Weekend out of hiding for various events across the country, Bernie Sanders has now awoken fellow indie darlings Grizzly Bear from their hibernation (are we tired of that joke yet?) for a rally in Prospect Park in Brooklyn today. For their first show in over two years the locals performed staple tracks "Two Weeks," "While You Wait For The Others," and "Knife," even going so far as to change the latter's lyric "Can't you feel the knife?" to "Can't you feel the Bern?", the senator's ubiquitous slogan.

Grizzly Bear Feel the Bern

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My favorite three-part harmony by Grizzly Bear and I am happy. #grizzlybear #feelthebern

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Sanders, who plays David Bowie's "Starman" after most speeches, has found no shortage of endorsements from music's best, with Killer Mike and Big Boi coming out in support, as well Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, who explained his feelings on the Vermonter's run to Transverso in our recent interview.

Grizzly Bear have discussed their support for the social democrat across several social media posts, in addition to announcing a new album is in the works - one that will hopefully be released under a Sanders presidency.

You know you got a good boyfriend when they make you this. ❤️ u @simonviii #FeelTheBern

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