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Win Butler

Arcade Fire Are Back with a New Album & Tour: Watch the Music Video for Title Track "Everything Now"

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Arcade Fire have announced their major label debut with “Everything Now,” the title track from their forthcoming 5th record due out July 28 via Columbia Records.

Everything Now follows their one-off with Mavis Staples earlier this year and 2013’s Reflektor as Arcade Fire joins LCD Soundsystem and Grizzly Bear in announcing a debut album for Sony Music this year as the major seems intent to absorb every 2000s indie darling. All of this was, naturally, rolled out through a Twitter account disguised as a Russian bot.

Immediately launching into an ABBA style swing and sway, the piano led single is relatively straightforward pop for an Arcade Fire song accented by a crowd-sung chorus from their VooDoo Festival set last year and production from Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter.

Lyrically “Everything Now” targets the obsessive hyperactivity of modern life. “There’s sort of an everything-nowness to life. I feel like almost every event and everything that happens surrounds you on all sides,” Win Butler explained to BBC Radio 1. “It’s trying to capture some of the experiences of being alive now in all its flaws and all its glory.

The cover art, which you can see below, will have 20 different variants in 20 different languages over the LP's vinyl, CD, and cassette sales. The 13 track record is accompanied by an extensive tour, the details of which you can see below as well.

Arcade Fire Announce Debut Feature Film Containing New Music 'The Reflektor Tapes,' Release Previews

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Arcade Fire will release their first feature film, The Reflektor Tapes, in theaters worldwide on September 24th for a limited time, according to an official statement.

The film is directed by 2013 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Short Films winner Kahlil Joseph (who has also worked with artists including Kendrick Lamar, FKA Twigs, and Flying Lotus) and will be "a unique cinematic experience, meeting at the crossroads of documentary, music, art and personal history."

According to a press release, The Reflektor Tapes will contain footage from Arcade Fire's recent tour in support of their last album Reflektor, as well as 20 minutes of film shot specifically for the project, and, perhaps most excitingly, a new, previously unreleased song from the band.

Two previews have been released so far, including a "First Look Trailer" and an eight-minute excerpt of the film based around one of Reflektor's best tracks, "Porno." Both are absolutely entrancing and exhilarating, and you should check them out below.

Ticket information and theater listings will be posted on the project's official website when made available.

Curiously, both the site and trailer were temporarily taken down, but have since been made available again.