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Thanks, Obama! POTUS Releases Two Summer Playlists

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The White House released two Spotify playlists today, both "hand-picked" by POTUS himself. One is made for the daytime, featuring artists such as Bob Dylan, Coldplay, and Florence + The Machine, while the other is for the night, with music from Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Leonard Cohen, and more.

This comes after current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently released her own playlist, though her airtight, overly-uplifting pop picks came off more as a campaign exercise while Obama's selections feel a bit more genuine, especially with so much classic soul and surprise picks like the lesser-known Okkervil River. If you're gonna feed us a PR stunt at least make it sound good enough to make us forget that part.

The President's playlists clock in at just over an hour and a half each, and you can Ba-rock out to both of them below. (We're so sorry.)

Now we eagerly await Donald Trump's inevitable contribution.