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Going Nowhere

Listen to STRFKR's Third 'Being No One, Going Nowhere' Single, "Open Your Eyes"

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STRFKR implore you to "Open Your Eyes" with the steadily uplifting locomotion of their third Being No One, Going Nowhere single, and as always the pop masters are smooth enough to convince you to listen.

Following "Never Ever" and "Tape Machine," "Open Your Eyes"'s synth beats are catchy and consistent enough to carry us over to their fourth LP's release on November 4th via Polyvinyl.

"Who doesn't need another friend?" they ask. Dancing is always better together.

STRFKR Finally Announce New LP 'Being No One, Going Nowhere,' Drop Second Single

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Over half a year ago, STRFKR (née Starfucker) dropped a single titled "Never Ever" without any news of an album to come. Because of this, we took the leap in assuming it was a one-off, before STRFKR themselves corrected us on Twitter, providing the first hint that a follow-up to 2013's Miracle Mile was on the way.

Then, radio silence. Despite this delay, "Never Ever"'s "What would I lie for?" outro rings true today as the Portlandian trio has appeared again with new track "Tape Machine" and an album announcement for the grimly named Being No One, Going Nowhere due out November 4th via Polyvinyl.

"Tape Machine" is an excitingly groovy and psychedelic first taste of Being No One, Going Nowhere fitting of its delightfully starry cover art, but actually wasn't originally intended for the band. Frontman Joshua Hodges told Billboard,

Tape Machine’ was written with two Dutch friends while I was in Amsterdam visiting my girlfriend and trying to find inspiration. Those two friends and I wrote about six songs together and this was one they thought was too poppy for the project, so I asked if I could use it for this STRFKR record.

Click play and stare at space below.