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Go Go

Listen to Devon Welsh's Stunning Solo Single "Go Go"

New MusicWeston PaganoComment

We're still reeling a bit from Majical Cloudz's sudden breakup earlier this year, but former frontman Devon Welsh has been releasing more than enough solo material to patch the holes. Following his A+ debut "collection of songs," Down the Mountain, the brooding Montrealer released "Go Go" on his Bandcamp - an alternatingly languid and uplifting track that is lovely all the way through.

Laid over a delicate bed of synth drawl, "Go Go" sounds as if it's come from an adjacent planet in the same galaxy that spawned Beach House's "Norway," as Welsh's bold vocals wax dynamically over the space.

"If you hold the hand of God / Life's a problem love will solve," he groans. Listening to Welsh has always felt like doing just that.