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David Wilson

Tame Impala's New "Let It Happen" Music Video is Hallucinatory Hell

New MusicWeston PaganoComment

Tame Impala's recent record Currents is a stand-out so far this year, so it's only fitting that the music video for the opening track "Let It Happen" should be equally impressive.

Directed by Grammy-nominated filmmaker David Wilson (who also directed the band's Lonerism single "Mind Mischief" back in 2012), the video shows a hallucinatory and "An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge"-esque journey through skies of nightmares for the hapless protagonist.

Unfortunately (though understandably), the 7:49 minute track is cut down to 4:16 for the video, though the original length is cleverly displayed on the alarm clock featured at the 1:14 mark.

You can check it out below, but with a viewing experience this exhilarating you may want to be buckled in thrice like the character himself.