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Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco Announces New Album 'This Old Dog,' Tour, and Releases First Two Singles

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Mac is back! Adding to the staggering list of beloved artists returning in 2017, DeMarco and his band will be releasing a new LP titled This Old Dog, due out May 5 via Captured Tracks, and embarking on an international tour lasting at least from March through November.

The gap-tooth goon has always been a gracious giver, and DeMarco has blessed us with not one but TWO singles from his forthcoming record including the title track and "My Old Man." They may be short and sweet, but it seems ol' Mac is already feeling the weight of time; The lovely and lazy tunes delve into staying true to a lover forever and the coming-of-age realization that one has begun to increasingly resemble their own father, respectively.

So click play, revel in the digital ripples on the curious videos below, and check out the This Old Dog's cover art and tour dates underneath that.

The Top 30 Records of 2015

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2015 year end photo.png

3. Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars

Thank Your Lucky Stars acts as both an extension of and pivot point for Beach House’s career as a whole. Many may want the band to actively change in a progressive way, but the band chooses to continually broaden their sound in the most familiar and microscopic ways possible instead. Perhaps one of the best integration of all five preceding albums, you hear the metronome, drums are crisper, individual instruments are audible, and Victoria Legrand’s lyrics are unexpectedly discernible at certain points. It's what works for them, and its afforded Beach House the ability to carve out a dream-pop legacy (and avoid becoming a caricature) on their own terms.


2. Majical Cloudz - Are You Alone?

Are You Alone? takes off where the Montreal duo’s preceding Impersonator left off; a paradox of bare-bones, minimalist soundscapes ebbing with lush depth that are somehow simultaneously tranquilizing and uplifting. Welsh’s immaculately vulnerable monologues and unflinching vocals are gently bold, and they drive their synth lullabies forward with severe care. It's Welsh at his most overbearing, and yet his tight grip is irresistible. Calculatedly organic, passionately controlled, it’s a journal reading in a dream.



1. Tame Impala - Currents

Currents is the most adventurous, interesting, and well-produced collection of songs Kevin Parker has created thus far, sitting atop Tame Impala's discography as the most mature and painstakingly crafted iteration in their twisted psych-pop world. From the lush synth tracks that bubble through the mix to his effortless, washed out vocals, every sound is rendered with the utmost care. Currents proves Parker is unable to stick with a certain sound, forever looking for new ways to evolve his ideas and push his project beyond what was expected when Innerspeaker first hit the shelves.


Mac DeMarco Does It Again on 'Another One'

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Whether you call it an EP or a “mini-LP” as his label Captured Tracks would have you, Mac DeMarco’s Another One is eight glittering tracks of simple love songs in the endearingly easygoing and Viceroy-scented way only he can provide.

Leading up to today’s release with a self-directed music video in which he dressed as Michael Jackson and a cover challenge for which the prize was 69¢, DeMarco’s increasingly goofy antics never reach sensationalism as the fanfare is always earned by the end result.

DeMarco doesn’t stray far from his signature sound that made his 2014 release Salad Days so popular, and with good reason. Often labeled as “slacker rock” and self-described as “jizz jazz,” it’s carved out a niche in the saturated world of indie odes that doesn’t look like it’ll be getting old any time soon. Sitting somewhere between the time you turned your cheap childhood record player to a lower speed for a laugh and what whisking an egg in slow motion probably feels like, Another One is an alternately soothing and groovy jaunt through the Canadian’s affable heart. In the title track he manages to make even anxious jealousy (“Who could that be knocking at her door?”) sound smooth.

While the lackadaisical title may imply an overly casual throwaway effort, Another One is as expertly crafted as anything else in the gap-toothed crooner’s discography, exuding just enough substance to satiate the deservedly growing DeMarco cult at least until the next proper record. "I'll put that sparkle right back in your eyes," he promises. And he delivers.

The mini-LP concludes with the instrumental “My House By The Water,” which appropriately includes the sound of the gentle waves his Far Rockaway abode looks out upon (and that feature in the cover art). Signing off with yet another intimate spoken message for his listeners, DeMarco offers "6802 Bayfield Ave, Arverne, New York. Stop on by, I’ll make you a cup of coffee. See you later,” before a warm tape recorder click ends Another One for good.

As if he wasn’t personable enough already, his habit of addressing you – yes you – after the serenades are through further strips away the barrier recordings can build between the artist and the listener, making you wonder how an album could ever end any other way.

Listen to Transverso's 2015 Summer Playlist

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Summer has officially started, which means you need a summer playlist! We've taken the responsibility of compiling 20 of the best tunes to come out so far this year that can serve as the perfect soundtrack to all of your typical summer activities, whether it be driving with the top down, relaxing by the pool, hanging out at a family reunion, or feeding gummy bears to Belle & Sebastian. Check it out below.

Mac DeMarco Impersonates Michael Jackson in New Video, Announces Contest For 69¢

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Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Michael Jackson was resurrected and sang a new Mac DeMarco song? Do you like contests? Do you like the number 69?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions (or even if you didn't; I'd be impressed if you'd thought of the first one before now), you'll want to check out the music video for "Another One," the title track off of Mac's forthcoming mini-LP. 

The video sees our favorite slacker rock weirdo playing every instrument on the track while standing in the ocean, as he makes even the lyrical themes of anxiety and jealousness sound smooth and chill in that signature DeMarco way.

In a follow-up video today Mac teaches his fans how to play the song and challenges them to cover it, the best of which he will award the coveted prize of... 69 cents. I wonder how he came up with that number. Maybe it's what a Canadian dollar is worth these days, who knows.


Another One is due out August 7 via Captured Tracks.

2015 Bonnaroo Playlist (Thursday + Friday)

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Manchester, Tennessee's annual music festival and hedonist mud orgy Bonnaroo is right around the corner, kicking off June 11-14th. Any good concertgoer knows to familiarize oneself with the music beforehand, and we've done the work for you, compiling a playlist of the top songs by the best artists featured during the first two days, which you can check out below.

Stay tuned for Part Two (Saturday + Sunday).